The MAK 4 Evolution UD is our solution for complex tasks involving industrial sheet metal working – powerful, precise, and extremely efficient.

The Evolution series combines the Schröder groups‘ many years of experience in sheet metal folding with pioneering innovations: precise linear drive, graphical programming, and an automatic tool changer.

With the MAK 4 Evolution UD you are able to work more productively thanks to the „up-and-down“ technology. All of this opens up new opportunities to your company for processing sheet metal – for faster, more flexible production and reduced costs per unit.

The MAK 4 Evolution UD enables you to turn your customer‘s increasing demands in quality, flexibility, and speed into competitive advantages for your company. No matter whether complex sheet metal forming needs to be particularly precise, short-notice individual orders need to be managed reliably, or pieces of sheet metal need to be processed quickly and efficiently for standard products, the MAK 4 Evolution UD makes it all possible.

Up-and-down technology reduces processing times

Minimize handling costs at the machine and trust Schröder‘s proven “up-and-down” technology. More processing steps in shorter times.


Standard equipment:

Software control

  • POS 3000 3-D Graphic control on swivelling arm
  • Radius function
  • Remote maintenance via internet


Clamping beam

  • Stroke: 350 mm
  • Geometry clamping beam: 180°
  • Hydraulic tool clamping device (WZS 5000)


Folding beam

  • Up‘n Down folding beam, automatically controlled
  • Pneumatic tool clamping device (WZS 7000)
  • Motorized folding beam adjustment: 180 mm
  • Motorized folding centre adjustment: 100 mm
  • Central crowning device, motorized
  • Center point adjustment, converter-controlled drive


Back gauge system

  • Positioning gauge 10-2550 mm, 10-3400 mm, 10-4250 mm and 10 – 5100 mm respectively, U-shape with sectors, pneumatic pop up gauge fingers, steel balls in sheet support table, square arm 1500 mm left and right side. The segmented support plates can be removed to make room for downfall range applications.


Work safety

  • Protection via light barrier controlled by safety-PLC for operation from the rear
  • Safety package for operation from the front incl. 2nd footswitch on rail for lateral movement



  • Standard machine without tools – Foot switch – Anchor plates incl. dowels



The POS 3000 3D-graphic control Only the right software turns hardware into a flexible, easy to operate solution. With the POS 3000 3D graphics control, sheet metal working specialist Schröder has developed one of the most powerful controls on the market, and because both the hard and software come from a single provider, the MAK 4 Evolution UD and POS 3000 3D graphical control are a perfect match.

From the drawing straight into production The POS 3000 software control allows you to import DXF, BPX and GEO-files. Hence the most important product- and folding parameters can be imported automatically and without any intervention of the operator. Using this function, all shapes of a sheet can get displayed and the operator can choose between additional gauge options. This means substantial time savings and has the additional advantage that the operator does not have to program the workpiece that has to be bend.

Special feature: POS 3000 allows graphical programming. Machine, tools and workpiece – everything is displayed clearly. As we know: Operating staff and planning engineers are experienced in products and not for IT programming. That‘s why your employees simulate the bending process visually beforehand, check the result in the 3D bending simulator and ensure that the workpiece will be processed accurately from the fi rst bend. Once a bending program has been generated it can be displayed quickly, checked visually, and adjusted according to material requirements.

Do you want to learn more about the POS 3000 3D graphical control? Please read our software brochure, or better yet: Allow us to show you live how the POS 3000 can help optimize your production.


MAK 4 EVOLUTION UD 3200 x 6.0 4000 x 5.0 5000 x4.0
Work length 3.240 mm 4.040 mm 5.040 mm
Sheet thickness (400 N / mm²) 6.0 mm 5.0 mm 4.0 mm
Machine length 6.420 mm 7,220 mm 8,220 mm
Machine width 2,652 mm
Machine Width with U-shaped table 5.150 mm 6.000 mm 6.810 mm
Machine height 2.748 mm 2.748 mm 2.748 mm
Weight of the machine 17.054 kg 18.278 kg 20.885 kg
Clamping arm
Geometry 180° 180° 180°
Career 850 mm 850 mm 850 mm
Drive power 2 × 9.45 kW 2 × 9.45 kW 2 × 9.45 kW
Speed 100 mm/sec 100 mm/sec 100 mm/sec
Force 120 to 120 to 120 to
Bending beam
Drive power 2 × 9.4 kW 2 × 9.4 kW 2 × 9.4 kW
Speed 150°/sec 150°/sec 90°/sec
Bending beam adjust 80 mm 80 mm 80 mm
Center beam adjust ± 20 mm ± 20 mm ± 20 mm

Automatic tool changer

  • Fully automatic loader for the tools of the clamping beam with hydraulic device for max. 400 mm tool

-incl. security fence with side access door

-incl. air conditioning in both security cabins

  • Safety package for operation from the front

-Review tool changer of the security plate

– Light barrier tool magazine

– Photoelectric barrier for personal protection

  • Central lubrication, controlled via POS 3000

Gauge of subjection

  • Z axis speed optimizer (max speed: 120 mm / sec)
  • Increase of the Z axis stroke up to 1.030 mm

Bending Beam

  • Center point adjustment, controlled by the converter


  • Additional equipment for the control of 2 people


  • Tool trolley for blades and segmented tools
  • Voltage transformer 52 kVA
  • Air conditioning in both cabins

More options

  • Optional of the posterior calibration system (consult)
  • Optional for the control of POS 3000 software (consult)


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