The hydraulic shear PowerShear Professional is the industrial solution in order to cut loads of big sheets at high speed. The robust and yet precise machine is ideal for continuous operation in workshops, mid-sized companies and the industry.

The PowerShear Basic is the simplified version of the PowerShear Professional and Universal. The PowerShear Basic represents an extremely versatile machine in its standard configuration. Thanks to its energy-efficient drive with a converter controlled motor and a hydraulic pump, the machine is able to handle the most difficult cutting tasks and materials.

Optionally this machine can also be acquired with an automatic shear angle adjustment which not only enables a much more precise but also a much faster programming of the machine. The extensive standard equipment of the PowerShear Basic is complemented by intelligent options for extensions.

The angle gauge 1000 mm gives necessary stability and allows for the optimal positioning of the sheet. Optionally the angle gauge can also be acquired with an automatic tipping gauge making it easier to work efficiently.


Standard equipment

  • 8“ Touchscreen control mounted in protection cover (possibility of saving on CF-Card)
  • Programming of cutting programs
  • Energy-efficient drive with converter-controlled motor and hydraulic pump
  • Automatic calculation of motorized blade gap adjustment (controlled via two motors)
  • Converter-controlled motorized back gauge 10 – 1000 mm
  • LED illumination of cutting line
  • 1x angle gauge 1000 mm mounted on the left side
  • 2x table extensions 1000 mm with T-slot and scale (from 4000 mm: 3x table extensions)
  • Table with exchangeable stainless steel plates with recessed grips
  • Material slide to the back
  • Obligatory CE safety package



PowerShear Basic 3000 x 6.0 4000 x6.0
Technical data        3000 x 6,0       4000 x 6,0
Working length (mm) 3040 mm 4040 mm
Sheet thickness (400 N/mm²) 6.0 mm 6.0 mm
Sheet thickness (700 N/mm²) 4.0 mm 4.0 mm
Shear angle adjustment 1.8 1.8
Machine width 3090 mm 3090 mm
Machine length 4000 mm 5000 mm
Machine height 1850 mm 1850 mm
Weight (kg) 5600 kg 7400 kg
Stroke (pro.min) 24 20
Drive power (kw) 12,0 12,0

Special equipment

  • 8“ Touchscreen control on the swivel arm
  • Angle gauge 1000 mm mounted on the left side incl. automatic tipping gauge
  • Automatic shear angle adjustment from 0,5°-1,8° (stroke 24-61 1/min)
  • Ball rollers for stainless steel plates
  • Closed sheet support table with exchangeable stainless steel plates


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